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Centre of Promoting Research Excellence provides a unique platform to scholars, academicians, practitioners, and business managers to share their valuable knowledge and experience with each other. It has been working for creating and nurturing talents in Oman since its inception. CPRE publish diversified research journals to support and promote education and research.

The objective of CPRE is to bring people from the academia and business world closer so that they can share the latest developments in the fields of economics, information management, business, education, development studies, social sciences, and behavioral sciences. It also aims to establish better understanding among policymakers and other stakeholders.

Prof. Dr. Shahram Gilaninia (One of our Editorial Board Member) His paper got converage in UNO report. He is our Key board member since the start of Journal and also one of our most active member [click here]. Contact him for feedback @ drgilaninia45@gmail.com
ISSN 2226-5651
Vol.5, No.6
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Vol.5, No.6